Current Artist

Allyson Williams-Yee

Oil Painting





Allyson completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Detroit, MI.  Subsequent artistic training has included programs in Los Angeles and Chicago. She began her love for painting trees over 16 years ago when she learned to paint with oils while living in Los Angeles. She moved to Chicago soon afterwards in 2002 and continued to expand her love for painting.


Primarily working in oils for many years, Allyson created the body of work featured at T Salon and Gallery, referred to as The Painted Tree.  After starting her family, Allyson went on to work in watercolor and gouache paint and created a project called Soul Trees®, in which she combined her intuitive nature and love for painting trees into individually-inspired art pieces. The collection has been published into two separate decks of cards. These bright and vibrant cards provide a fun and meaningful way to connect to your inner wisdom. They can be used by anyone to provide clarity and insight. They are tools for inspiration and self-discovery and are to be used however one feels inspired. 


Allyson's work keeps evolving and she continues to seek ways to blend her art and spiritual practices to support the journey of self-discovery for herself and others.  


Allyson’s work can be seenAugust 1 - December 31st. 

You can visit her website: